Like you, we used all sorts of methods to organize our cables – we’ve used pieces of duct tape, we’ve run them under the base of a heavy lamp, and we even tucked them all inside a thick book we were meaning to read one day. But we knew none of those methods were safe, they didn’t look very good, and let’s be honest – none of them were a long term solution.

So, we went searching for a proper cable organization solution, but all we found were holders that felt wimpy, like cheap toys. Plus, none of them were the kind of accessory that we wanted to be displayed on our attractive wooden night stand, dresser, office, or any other place that someone would see. We wanted something attractive, something substantial, and something that would do the job right.

That’s when we created the CableHub®. With over three decades of commercial construction experience, we know how to build things that are meant to last. When you feel a CableHub® or look inside one, we’re confident you’ll immediately realize the construction is solid, the design is friendly, and best of all, it has a timeless style. It was everything we were looking for.

Then we took it an extra step… why not make it customizable? It would be perfect if there were a way to incorporate a room’s color theme and pattern, add a personal photo, or display a favorite team’s logo. To make that possible, we created the DesignStudio.  In the DesignStudio, you can upload an image, modify it as you wish, and then print it on your printer with guidelines in place for trimming to fit. 

Now you know why we say, Your search is over with CableHub®. It is the ultimate cable organizer solution that has beautiful design, smart organization, and your personal touch… all in one place.